About Our Services
C-A In-house Structuring of Modules

Our Fee
COMP-AID will structure (clarify, refactor) Fortran modules (programs, subroutines, or functions) for a client, as described in our Structuring Service Agreement, which you may view or download by going to the DOWNLOAD page.  The fee for each module which we structure
  • is based solely on the number of Internal Statement Numbers within a given module upon receipt by COMP-AID (cf. Article 4)
  • is payable to COMP-AID only after you the client have received the structured module back, with its accompanying report, and have approved the results (cf. Article 11)
The agreement specifies protection of trade secret status for each module (cf. Article 10), as well as timeliness of delivery to the client (cf. Article 9).

Our Free Demo

Before you do any business with us (for money, that is), please let us first do a FREE DEMO for you.  While no money is ever paid at all, yet you will still need to submit a Structuring Service Agreement with your free demo.  You will need to fill out the agreement as usual, except that you write "Free Demo" in Article 1f, and place "0.00" in Articles 4a and 4b (signifying that you owe nothing).  The Free Demo will be given the same attention as a for-fee structuring service, complete with the structured module and a final report.  This permits you to scrutinize our work to determine its acceptability to your in-house work.

There are currently three restrictions for our Free demo:
  1. The total size of the module (including all INCLUDE-type files) must be less than or equal to 100 Fortran statements (i.e., internal statement numbers).
  2. We are currently restricting this free demo offer only to entities which can do subsequent business with us, which means moderate sized businesses and government agencies.  We hope that you understand, since each Free Demo structuring still involves much effort on our part.
  3. We presently cannot accept any modules coded in any of the Fortran 90 standards.
Submitting the Structuring Service Agreement

Presently, we prefer to use what we term a solicited agreement (as described in Article 8a), which means that we sign an agreement in advance and send it to you, after which you complete the agreement and send it back to us, along with the associated module to be structured.  Before we can send a signed agreement to you, you must first contact us (by phone or e-mail) to inform us of the length of each module (each module being covered by its own agreement).  At that point we can inform you as to whether we can currently accept any additional work.  If we cannot, then we shall not at that time be able to send a signed agreement to you. 

It is Article 9 ("Timeliness of Delivery") that necessitates this precaution on our part, since we do not want to end up structuring modules for a mere $1.00 each.  Having said this, please note that even Free Demo modules must be accompanied by an agreement, which we must first sign.

As we stated above, we cannot currently structure any modules coded in any of the Fortran 90 standards.


COMP-AID does reserve the right to refuse to do business with any prospective client.

Your Problem --- Our Solution


You have an old, reliable production FORTRAN program --- your gold standard, so to speak --- which you run periodically --- daily, weekly, monthly, etc.  You have been using it for years. 

But suddenly, the need for an enhancement has come up.  Even though you have all the source code for your program, sadly the relevant FORTRAN programmer left years ago.  What do you do?

One Solution

You can hire a full-time FORTRAN programmer.  The younger ones will have been taught one of the so-called FORTRAN 90 (or above) types.  You soon realize, however, that FORTRAN 90 is a vastly different language than the Fortran 77 (or below) language with which you are familiar, even though both are called Fortran.  You will essentially end up rewriting your FORTRAN modules into a totally different form, and still may not have solved your question. 

Another Solution

You can procure a contract FORTRAN programmer.  However, unless this person is really experienced with FORTRAN programming, you may be keeping him or her on board for a very long time, while he attempts to determine where the enhancement should go.  Moreover, when he is through, your various modules may be no more comprehensible than before.

Our Inexpensive Solution

May we suggest that you let us structure your program for you, at an extremely reasonable cost.

I come to your site, and perform the actual structuring of all relevant code in front of your programmers, who may ask questions as desired during the process.  This provides an excellent educational insight into the application of our methodology.

Now that you can see exactly where all the parts fit together, and what each part does, implementing your required enhancement is straight forward.  Moreover, with our documentation within your various modules, most any of your existing programmers can readily maintain this updated code.  Subsequent maintenance and enhancement will be straight forward.

Our COMP-AID fees consist of three parts:
1. Round-trip travel fare for me --- coach fare where applicable.
2. Room and board per day utilized, with a minimum room cost of one day.
3. Hourly fee of $85/hour, with any daily fee not to exceed $680.

A gratis copy of RENUMF will be granted to your company.

Please contact us, via mail, e-mail, or phone to discuss your interest.